SINCE 1935...

Kelebek Furniture, Türkiye's first panel furniture and kitchen manufacturer, is one of the most rooted industrial establishments in the history of the Republic. Kelebek Furniture started its activities in Istanbul Haliç in 1935 to produce plywood for the wings of the first domestic airplane. Celebrating its 80th anniversary this year, Kelebek Furniture is now a giant industrial enterprise producing furniture, kitchens, bathrooms, sitting groups and special wooden equipment with its high technology and superior quality approach in a total area of 186,000 square meters, including 40 thousand square meters of closed area in Düzce. At Kelebek Furniture, which uses German and Italian technology and massive and various coating techniques, production is carried out with the most advanced integrated belt systems.

Türkiye's leading furniture manufacturer Kelebek, has an original and very wide product range with its innovative designs and the furniture forms it has developed. Kelebek, which provides its customers with a wide range of movement in their living spaces with its panel furniture systems, meets all needs with its stylish, useful, high quality, different collections that can be combined, and unlimited alternatives offered by its rich product variety.

Kelebek Furniture, which offers its products to consumers in more than 120 furniture and kitchen stores in Türkiye, is also among the distinguished brands in the international market with the export of standard and special Kelebek products to approximately 15 countries. In addition to its prestigious products, Kelebek Furniture is among the most reliable and leading companies in Turkey with its successful project and collective contracting works.