Kelebek Furniture, one of the oldest industrial establishments in the history of the Republic, was established in 1935 to produce plywood for aircraft wings. Until 1986, it was engaged in the production of plywood under the Kelebek brand in Haliç, Istanbul. In 1978, by making technical cooperation with the world's best project groups, it opened the Modular Furniture factory, which it established in Düzce, as one of the most modern and largest facilities in Europe. It was offered to the public on the ISE in 1990 and has the status of a public joint stock company.

Kelebek Furniture, which will celebrate its 80th anniversary this year, uses the most up-to-date technologies in an area of 186,000 m² and a closed area of 40,000 m² to continue the production of furniture, kitchens, bathrooms, sitting groups and special wooden hardware.


1935 - Start of production of plywood in Haliç to be used in the wings of the first domestic planes.

1978 - Start of production of panel furniture with its Düzce factory.

1979 - Opening of the first point of sale for the end user.

1983 - 100 points of sale in Türkiye reached. It became the most common furniture brand of the period.

1985 - First kitchen store opened.

1990 - It was offered to the public by entering the stock market.

1991 - The first store abroad was opened in Dortmund, Germany.

2002 - The ISO 9001 Certificate was awarded.

2012 - The brand was bought by Doğanlar Mobilya Grubu İmalat Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.

2013 - Received the IMOB Design Award and the Most Loved Brand* Award in the Industry.

2014 - Received the ISMOB Design Award and the Fastest Growing Brand in its Sector.

2014 - The 120th store was opened in Adıyaman.

* Ipsos and MediCat Türkiye's most popular brands 2013 research


Lamination System:

In 1983, it brought the "lamination" technology, an innovative system for the furniture industry, to Türkiye.

Mass production:

 In 1984, it started to use solid and plywood line for the first time in Türkiye. In this sense, it has become the only brand in Türkiye that can use world furniture techniques combined.

First Image Study:

In 1983, it realized the first image advertisement study in the world for the furniture industry.

First Design Competition:

In 1985, as part of the celebration of its 50th anniversary, it held the first furniture design competition in Türkiye. It distributed research awards on furniture and decoration, and free scholarships were given to students receiving vocational training. The project continued until 2006.

First Advertisement during a TV Series:

In 1985, it carried out the first colorful advertisement work in Türkiye broadcast between a TV series.

Türkiye's First Environmental Award:

The treatment plant was deemed worthy of the ISO Environment Award. It was the company that received the first environmental award in 1985.

First Furniture with TSE:

In 1987-1988, it became the first furniture company to receive TSEK (Turkish Standards Institute Quality Certificate) and TSE certificate.

The First Furniture Company Opened to the Public:

It became the first Turkish furniture company to go public by entering the stock market in 1990.

The First Furniture Company Celebrating Its 80th Anniversary in the Industry:

It became the first Turkish furniture company to celebrate its 80th anniversary this year.